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About us

The innovative la croa brand is conceived as cosmetics with carefully selected natural ingredients from both traditional and modern cosmetology, protecting, nourishing and regenerating your hair and your skin.

Following the trends on the global cosmetic scene, we have noticed the importance of hair and skin care products on the basis of argan oil, and thereby we decided to realize our vision of cosmetics in the service of protecting beauty, care and health, through optimally available products exuding luxury with every single detail.
You probably already know that argan oil is one of the strongest allies in preserving the beauty of your hair as well as of your skin. moroccan oil, also known as fluid gold or golden nectar, owes its prominence to powerful anti age ingredients protecting, regenerating and hydrating your hair and your skin.

Presenting our wishes and the high set goals of the contemporary extremely demanding cosmetic industry, we established a professional cooperation with a renowned cosmetic pharmaceutical company from Zagreb.
Our portfolio includes approximately forty carefully and custom made products in a luxurious golden packaging, clearly proving that a whole tam of people takes care of every and down to the smallest detail.
Give us a chance.
Only mutual respect and appreciation can grant a long-term relationship we seek by all means. we love what we do. for you.Be beautiful and nourished. don’t make cosmetics a routine. because beauty is really no coincidence.
And don’t forget… history witnesses and art records…the most beautiful decoration on every face is a sincere smile.
Your La Croa

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