Appropriate care for weak hair

Weak hair can be strengthened by appropriate care – with quality products creating a protective layer around the hair and making it more resistant to external influences, fuller and thicker.

Mask and treatments after washing

After washing the hair with an appropriate shampoo, apply a mask. A mask, package or any other treatment you will apply on the hair after washing must contain proteins. When it comes to hair – the most important protein is keratin. It is the hair building protein. Every hair consists of a long chain of proteins. Keratin protects hair from exterior influences. Keratin forms a protective layer making the hair more resistant and stronger.

Protective layer on the hair

When you are using a quality product on the basis of keratin, the hair obtains an additional protective layer. That will make the hair more resistant to breaking and all other external influences and possible damaging. The hair will automatically be stronger and appear fuller and thicker. In time your hair will become fuller, thicker and shiny, with a stronger hair structure and it will be easier to shape it.


La Croa - Repair - Argan & Keratin

Repair collection is perfect for repairing chemically treated hair. The formula without SLS/SLES makes this collection special and since it is enriched with argan and macadamia oils, it will rehabilitate you dry and porous hair from the root to the hair-ends. The hair shampoo, conditioner and mask will revitalize and hydrate the hair and restore its required flexibility and shine.